“dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of world peace through music”

Another Rainbow
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Created with love and aloha from Hawaii, “Another Rainbow” is a beautiful lullaby of universal appeal that delivers an important message of hope, promise and awareness.

As seen through the eyes of our children and their future, “Another Rainbow” is our anthem for world peace and a tribute to those share our vision and dreams.

Whether it’s accepting loss or giving thanks, “Another Rainbow,” will make you stop, reflect, smile and heal.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website and ask that you please spread the good word about “Another Rainbow”.

The song that will help us all move forward  towards a positive direction of life.

In memory of those who suffer loss in life…

The families and victims of the Sandy Hook Shootings

The families and victims of the 911 Tragedy

The families and victims of the Sendai Tsunami and Earthquake

The families and victims of Hurricanes;  Katrina and Sandy

The families and victims of Cancer and Illness

The families and victims of abuse and drug related crimes

The families and victims of poverty and starvation

The families and victims of war


We dedicate this website and “Another Rainbow”  to you!

Whether it’s human rights, love lost, war, illness, or environmental issues; “Another Rainbow” will magically connect, direct, and inspire the listener’s heart through the message in the music. Using the rainbow as an analogy towards positive change, we wanted to create a new song for a new millennium of hope, promise, and World peace.

“Another Rainbow”, performed by Baba B was featured on Promo Only’s Mainstream Radio May Issue 2012.

Promo Only is one of the most popular radio, television and movie promotional resources in the country. Promo Only clients include Walt Disney World, MTV, Harrah’s Casinos, Hard Rock Cafes, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Universal Studios, Sirius Satellite Radio, the Hilton Hotel chain.

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